Advanced Infrastructure

XBS provides business grade solutions to design, develop, maintain and enhance your ICT infrastructure. XBS has strategic alliances with world-class Data Centre’s and Communications suppliers to enable turnkey environments with DR and BCP requirements fulfilled.

Support Consultants

XBS provides onsite support consultants who are able to covers all aspects of your ICT requirement. Our consultants have a minimum of 8 years IT support experience and related credentials

Support Centre

XBS have a premium skill base spanning 3 countries that will be able to plan, design, develop and migrate your core ICT dependencies to the Cloud.

Cloud and Virtualization

Whether your plan is to move to a HOSTED space or retain your server’s onsite, you will need to consider using Virtualization as a method of High Availability. XBS can advise you on how you can minimize your IT spend in this regard and give you the benefit of BIG business uptime.


Platforms used VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, AZURE, AWS

Enterprise resource planning

XBS has 16 years of experience in the Implementation and Management cycle of the ERP process.


Our years of experience in various industries has allowed for us to assist companies with multiple aspects ,

Taking business from a manual process to an  ERP system with complete data storage and information sharing.


We are able to engage with management and staff, walk through the business and address the business’s AS IS process and map out our recommended TO BE process

Application Development

Our development division provides applications and services designed for business conformance and enhancement. Our competencies include

C# , PHP, Python. Visual Basic, SQL, Java

Software Development Approach

In our years of experience in the IT industry we have identified that the failure of most customized systems is due to insufficient engagement with the client to define

The needs and the gap between the client’s expectations and the developer’s interpretation thereof.

So we offer the middle layer which is a business process consultant to facilitate the link between the two allowing for seamless flow of information and design, managing of these projects and ultimately a successful deployment